From classic pool riding to technical street skating,  I offer a complete and comprehensive approach to skateboard training. With my intuitive insight and 32 years of experience. I get you on the road to rapid learning by using proven techniques that are grounded in the very foundation and soul of the sport. With my guidance and your willingness & patience to learn, there is virtually no stopping you!


Conquering the challenges that come with skateboarding have taught me to be a much harder worker in school and other aspects of my life as well. These are the same lessons I plan on teaching my students so that they can apply them to succeed on and off the board. My goal as an instructor is to keep your child safe and help them progress in their abilities while making it a fun packed summer to remember.


I believe using creativity learned while skateboarding you can solve any problem. Through skateboarding I have gained confidence and unique skills that I plan to translate to a future career. I teach skateboarding because I enjoy sharing the joy of skateboarding.


I am a 27 year old aspiring environmentalist trying to finish college and give back to the world. I enjoy skateboarding because it gives me brief freedom from life stresses and its a lot of fun. I also love teaching children because they are the future and it is important to invest in them. My goal for each student is to make them safe, capable and confident on a skateboard all while having fun.


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Jason has helped over 200 students learn the basics of skateboarding in an environment where it is safe to fail and safe to grow. So-Cal native, Jason is dedicated to creating authentic, inclusive, and equitable educational experiences that promote personal and physical development. Jason received his Doctor of Education from Cal State Northridge. His researched focused on issues of diversity and inclusion. Having received his B.S. in Recreation and Tourism Management from CSUN, Jason balances the necessary risk-management with the importance of creating environments with optimal levels of freedom so that participants may experience intrinsic perspective and growth. From his professional work in higher education, Jason shares his knowledge of management, leadership, program development and assessment, staff training, research, marketing, and budget analysis. A self-described family man, Jason loves the outdoors, surfing, playing music, geeking out on fantasy novels, skateboarding and supporting others in their pursuit of happiness.



I am a high school student looking forward to attending college somewhere down south. I’ve been skating for 7 years now and I have been teaching skateboarding for about 4 years. I love working with students and watching them progress.


I’m 23 years old, work in a middle school, and love skateboarding. One of the many reasons I love skateboarding is for it’s sense of camaraderie. Because of skateboarding I have friends of all ages and all walks of life. Being able to share the gift of skateboarding is truly priceless.


Skateboarding has been my passion ever since I was a child. It has always been a great way to make friends and have fun. I enjoy teaching kids how to skateboard and helping them achieve their goals. under my care each student will learn how to ride safely and become more confident on a skateboard.


I’m 19 years old and was born in Oakland but have been raised in Alameda for a majority of my life. I attended Alameda high school where I graduated from in 2015. I am now currently taking classes at Laney community college and plan to study photography. I’ve been skating for 6 years now and have been working with Jordan for the past 4 years.


My interests are skateboarding, playing the guitar, and trains. Passing on the love of skateboarding one of the greatest feelings to me, especially when I can visually see someone getting hyped on it. This is only my second year with JRSA, but I plan to continue to pass on the shred, and maybe even learn some things along the way myself. Cheers!



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